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Tide Clock 1.3 Released

So, my first foray into trying to glean a few bucks with my app was a disaster.  Tide Clock 1.2 had the ads, and shipped with a tiny dial on high-density displays.  Hopefully this is fixed with 1.3

Thanks for your patience, all



Tide Clock 1.1 Released

The 1.1 release of Tide Clock addresses a problem wherein the next tide setting can be lost when the application stops or on certain state changes.  Also, I created a spiffy new icon that is supposed to be a buoy floating on the water.  Additional features and improvements are in the works.  – kthxbai

Doomsday 1.0 Released

The latest Android app from Rascal Fats is now available on the Android Marketplace.  Doomsday 1.0 allows the truly paranoid among us to nervously track the end of days.  Beyond just the basic countdown, the app provides list of things for which you still have time, and those things for which you are too late.  Download it while you still have time.

Doomsday 2012 Announcement

Folks, Doomsday 2012 is in final test and bundling, but the promotional video is ready for viewing:

Doomsday 2012 is an App that allows the paranoid among us to know exactly how many days are left until the end of days on December 21, 2012.  Beyond a simple countdown, Doomsday 2012 offers a cool user interface and a dynamically updated list of activities for with you still have time, or for which it is too late.  Download it for yourself, and recommend it to your favorite conspiracy theorist.



DHS Alert 1.0 Released

Rascal Fats is pleased to announce our first published application for the Android mobile computing platform. Our DHS Alert application is a simple widget that allows Android users to see the currently published terrorist threat level from the US Department of Homeland Security. We are pleased to offer this widget free of charge to introduce the Android public to Rascal Fats software.

Welcome To RascalFats Software

Hello from all of us here at RascalFats software.  Well, okay, it is just me The Dude.  I love my Android phone, and think that it and the other Android phones are just about the coolest thing on the planet.  Watch this space for news on my latest releases as well as other stuff that I think is relevant to the world of Android.  I’ve been doing software for a long time for a wide variety of platforms, and have yet to run across such a cool and feature-rich environment in which to develop software.

I hope that you come back often to see what we’re up to here at RascalFats, and I hope that you enjoy the applications.